ddr.jpg I'm drawn to IDG's editor weblogs sometimes because, well, they're a strange mix of the articulate and the inarticulate.

This is, again, the case in (GamePro editor) LongHairedOffender's post about the U.S. arcade scene, in which he reaches wondrous levels of rage: "Americans play videogames for one reason and for one reason only, to kick ass. It doesn't matter if you're crushing skulls in the fighting arena or on the football field. Being a virtual DJ, riding a horse (not into battle), and playing other violence-free games is not enough to draw people into arcades. Gaming isn't about having family-friendly fun it's about indulging in man's carnal desires."

And, to be clear, there's one particular company to blame: "And then Konami drove the nail through the heart of coin operated gaming... The abomination of videogaming known as DDR served as an outlet for wannabe Travoltas to flail around wildly and quickly made the house of tank simulators and street fighting a haven for lamos." Uh, yeah, damn you for widening the arcade market, DDR!