silverfin.jpg GamesPress' feed on biz site has news of Player One's mobile game licensing of 'Young Bond'. As the release eplains: "Licensed by Young Bond rights' owner Ian Fleming Publications Limited, "Young Bond - SilverFin" the game takes a look at an embryonic spy just embarking on a life of espionage which ultimately leads to his vocation as MI6's top secret agent."

Despite the potentially cheesy-sounding concept (you were thinking of James Bond Jr., weren't you?), the Young Bond books are written by English comedian/writer Charlie Higson, and there's a a great series of interviews with him over at which show that he's trying to make the teen-aimed novels well thought-out and interesting. Whether the mobile game, developed by 'Bluetooth Biplanes' developer Morpheme, will be shaken and not stirred, we'll no doubt find out soon.