ror.jpg The good folks at import store NCSX have posted detailed impression of new import PlayStation 2 title Rule Of Rose, in which, "...set in 1930 England, players adopt the role of a 19 year old woman named Jennifer who is caught up in a surreal 3D adventure tinged with touches of madness and the preternatural."

The SCEJ-published PS2 game has an official Japanese site where you can learn more, and watch a seriously spooky trailer movie (click left-hand 'yes' link for age approval!), which shows the creators are going for an almost Silent Hill franchise level of extreme unease (talking of which, we're presuming you've seen the new 'Silent Hill' movie trailer from Christophe Gans, which appears to be double plus awesome.)

Of course, it may be that Rule Of Rose, with its young female protagonist and story-heavy attitude, may not be 'kickass' enough for the West, in the same way that the relatively passive Haunting Ground/Demento was received somewhat ambivalently. But, given the level of artistry shown by the trailers, we're hoping the title gets a Western release of some kind, so we can all work it out for ourselves.