rubik.jpg The Ludologist's Jesper Juul points out that a new Rubik's Cube world speed record has been set, since during the Caltech Winter Competition, according to, "Leyan Lo broke the official Rubik's 3x3x3 Cube world record during the Caltech Winter competition 2006, with a new record of 11.13 seconds."

Juul, who recently wrote video game-related book Half-Real for the MIT Press, comments: "Not that “world records” for the Rubik’s Cube are that important - a lot of luck involved in the way a cube is scrambled. I admire the focus that people bring to the thing, I never thought about being so systematic about it. Old puzzles never die."

Heck, 'old puzzles' can be fun in video game form, too - the Alexey Pajitnov-designed Pandora's Box is a great, supremely under-rated example of this from Microsoft. And, let's not forget, there's been a video game version of Rubik's Cube (scroll down), albeit a rebranded version of a non-Rubik title (plus, the above link has gemlike information on the Rubik's Cube cartoon series, lest we forget!)