invs2.jpg DragonShadow Industries (not to be confused with DSI Games) has released a Nuon port of two games originally for Sony's PlayStation-based development kit the Net Yaroze. The games are Katapila (original platformer) and Invs (french Space Invaders clone). All you need to do is burn it to a disc and put it in your Nuon! Assuming you have one.

For this ongoing project, DragonShadow's Scott Cartier uses libraries he created when porting his own Yaroze title, Decaying Orbit, over to the Nuon. He has plans to bring over a larger compilation of Net Yaroze games at some point, though it doesn't appear as though the process is simply plug and play. He's got a contest up for Invs as well, which I'll let him describe in his own words: "Think you can create better sound effects? Philippe (Invs creator) has given the go-ahead to do a total replacement of the in-game sounds. The winner will receive a signed NUON Games & Demos disc and have their sounds immortalized in a future version of the Yaroze Classics collection."

In other Nuon-related news, head over to Nuon Dome to check out a newly retitled (via a previous contest!) homebrew by the name of Sheshells Sea Adventures, an undersea shooting game.