alterac.jpg The tres amusant Scott Sharkey, whose 'Memoirs Of An Urban Vigilante' column, which saw him pranking his way through Cryptic's City Of Heroes, was one of the plain funniest video game article series of 2005, has written an article on 'MMOsploitation' for 1UP, explaining gleefully: "It's a long, hard fight from newbiedom to level awesome. But that's a game for chumps. You and me? We're smarter than those boobs."

Sharkey has some interesting comments on various method of cheating, particularly on duping: "In World of Warcraft, for instance, most duping tricks involve trading gold or items to another player and then getting your character rolled back to the state they were at before the trade, either by entering bugged instances, making a character with an inappropriate name and deliberately having it reported, or just conning a GM. Some are even weirder. If you ever happen to see a pair of priests taking turns mind controlling someone in Alterac Valley, there's a pretty good chance they're up to something. Unless they're just perverts." Haw.