mgsub.jpg The folks from Game Informer Online were at the Konami Gamer's Day in San Francisco this week, and caught up with former game journalist and current Metal Gear Saga director Ryan Payton for information on the MGS 3: Subsistence pre-order DVD documentary, neatly explained by GameSpot, noting that the doc "...does the seemingly impossible by making sense of the five major games in the Metal Gear canon."

Payton is delightfully charismatic on his somewhat random induction into Kojima Productions, following a magazine interview with Hideo Kojima ("And so Mr. Kojima sort of walks by us at the time, because I didn’t really talk to him after the interview, and he overhears me say that I was living in Osaka... He was like,'“What do you do? Are you looking for a job?'").

He also has some great anecdotes on Metal Gear Solid packaging designer Ichiro Kutome ("He’s so crazy and hard to work with… in a good way. You know, he’s so demanding. He’s like, “We need more budget.” I’m like, “You know how much we’re giving you for this package? This is a lot of money.” He’s like, “I need more. I want silver foil embossed on the front. Otherwise this is not going to fly.”") Definitely a fun interview piece, even for non-MGS heads.