seaman.jpg Though some of you may have given up on game-related U.S. cable network G4, now it's turned to Star Trek, we're here to tell you that Cinematech: Nocturnal Emissions is actually one of the most randomly fun video game-related TV shows thus far aired, simply screening obscure game-related ads, in-game footage and cut-scenes.

A recent edition we saw sported clips from the ever-grumpy Seaman, D3's Nadesico, and a Japanese ad for, of all things, Britney's Dance Beat. Oh, and also, they're not afraid to show the unthinkable, as in that latest episode: "Have you heard strange internet rumors about the end of The Matrix: Path of Neo? Well, cover your eyes and ears if you don't want to have the ending spoiled, because we're gonna show it all."

Sure, 'Nocturnal Emissions' may be a bit overfond of the interactive Japanese pr0n, Sexy Beach-style, but hey, it's the channel that syndicated The Man Show, right?