eee.jpg We recently covered Brazilian site FinalBoss' interview with Yuzo Koshiro, and now they've gone and interviewed Q? Entertainment's Tetsuya Mizuguchi as well, bless their cotton socks.

In particular, Mizuguchi reveals how his company's forthcoming PSP version of dojin title Every Extend came about: "Every Extend Extra was a very special case. It happened kinda by accident. On my staff, there was someone who played Every Extend -- the PC version -- one day, and then everybody saw it and started playing. "Oh, what is this?' “It's a free game.' Three days later, still playing it... 'That's still fun?', "Yeah, it's still fun.' (laughs). That staff member asked me if I wanted to talk with this guy who made the game. He sent an email to the creator of Every Extend, and he met him, so.."

Away from happy freeware frivolity, Mizuguchi muses about the future of games, particularly commenting of next-gen console power: "High-def has very positive possibilities, but also dangerous possibilities, because it can provide an experience that is too strong. Like... shooting people in a game in high-def can be too strong... We are going to the next step, and we'll have to think about the morality." In other words, with great power comes great responsibility to, as he suggests, provide "emotional content and attachment". And amen to that.