brice.jpg The folks at the iGames gaming LAN center firm have passed on the news that: "Brice Mellen, the blind videogamer who burst onto the scene this past summer, will be taking on all challengers in a special Mortal Kombat [specifically Mortal Kombat: Deception?] competition at iGames member center DogTags [in Lincoln, Nebraska on Sunday, Jan 8th from 1 to 3pm] in preparation for his first trip to Japan, where he will take on some of Japan’s best players as part of a special for Nippon TV’s Power of Memory, Part III."

The DogTags gaming center website has a page all about Brice, and, according to iGames: "Blind since birth due to Leber’s disease, Brice has been playing games since he was 6 years old. It was difficult going at first, but as with everything else Brice does, he kept at it until he memorized the commands and audio cues in his favorite games until he became the master he is today. Brice has appeared on NBC’s Today Show and G4’s Attack of the Show, in addition to being featured in the Associated Press, USA Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times and thousands of other outlets around the world."