mapWoW.jpgThe World of Warcraft stretches beyond the bounds designated by its maker, Blizzard Entertainment. Third-party services such as Thottbot and the Goblin Workshop have latched onto the massively-multiplayer game's vast quantity of data, offering players of the game an easier route to coveted level 60 status. Now, that route has literally been mapped with the entrance of, a third-party service plugged in to the Google Maps system. This dynamic system allows one to zoom in and out of Azeroth (Warcraft's world), toggling on and off data points such as the location of specific herbs, ore, and treasure collected in the game--there are over 15,000 such items currently covering 69 resources. It's bound to be a useful resource for players, but will also give those pesky gold farmers an edge. My advice: Enjoy this new service while it lasts.