college.jpg Well, it's the New Year, but mobile games are getting any less silly. Late in December, Touchlink Mobile released details on its 'College Girls' cellphone game [pixel-ish NSFW], which apparently "proved a great success in Russian market, [and] is coming out in English, Polish, Czech and Greek."

In the game, the player "...has to learn 20 sexual positions... [and] walks around the dormitory, meeting sexy inhabitants, making love to them and they teach him the secrets of sex." Oh, and Robert Mueller, the General Sales Manager of Touchlink Mobile said: “The key factors ensuring the success of College Girls are everlasting demand for adult content and exciting gameplay of the application. Personally I am still having a lot of fun playing this game." We bet you are, Robert.

[Also, Touchlink have an (unintentional?) eye for the hilarious cellphone game title - for example, Trivial Chicken, Forest For Mist, Sphere Rollers.]