namcap.jpg Brazilian video game website Finalboss has posted an English-language interview with famed Streets Of Rage composer Yuzo Koshiro, quizzing him on recent projects and long-past glories.

Koshiro, whose Wikipedia profile is a useful summing-up of his career, actually makes some interesting comments on the Xbox 360's debut in Japan, suggesting: "About Xbox 360, I think it will get some success here in Japan, more than before – the previous version – because there are many talented designers who joined the Xbox who will make good games for mainly Japanese users."

Otherwise, the brief interview has some fun tidbits, but you'd do well to go grab some recent Koshiro music samples at his company Ancient's official website - one of his most recent high-profile projects was the sadly never-destined-for-the-West PS2 SRPG Namco Vs. Capcom. [Via EvilAvatar.]