babiesc.jpg Wandering over to the UK Guardian Gamesblog once more, Aleks Krotoski has scribbled down a list of the 10 'most interesting' people in gaming, following a similar GamerGod piece a few days back.

Krotoski's choices are effectively eclectic, with a particularly interesting choice being Takumi Yoshinaga ("...the creator of the marvellous and surreal grown-up version of WarioWare, Project Rub[/Feel The Magic]. His Where Do Babies Come From? (Rub Rabbits here in the Euro regions) will be out in February and is stylish and silly, and made by a team of mostly female programmers, designers and artists... and implements every gizmo on the innovative Nintendo DS, from the stylus to the microphone. It also does everything in its power to encourage people to play together."

Others standing out include Keita Takahashi, Will Wright, and David Cage, of which it's commented regarding the Omikron/Fahrenheit creator's output: "While both titles are flawed – arguably constricted by technology – they notably pushed the boundaries for gameplay mechanics. In this world of never-ending sequel series, this studio provides a light at the end of the tunnel."