gun.jpg The New Gamer's latest update deals with storytelling and Neversoft's new Wild West title Gun, which has swung quickly into the 'flawed but interesting' pigeonhole for most who have played it.

Writer G. Turner points out: "From varmit-hunting with Ned to being ambushed by Indians the absolute moment you exit the town boundaries, Gun is a halting, stop/start experience. There's no build-up, no tension, no excitement, just scenes where you're shooting and scenes where you're on the cusp of being shot at."

Nonetheless, the game has some interesting reviews, despite its definite problems, and we're hoping that a forthcoming Game Developer postmortem should reveal more about the original console IP's genesis, even if the game wasn't a Tony Hawk-ish slam dunk.

But Turner's conclusion is positively stark: "While a hail of bullets will keep most users glued to their controller, what's the point of a Western motif for your game if it fails to include uniquely or optimally Western devices?... There's a lot to fight for in the West, but sadly it's all glossed over in favor of making sure the audience is stimulated beyond thought."