thes.jpg The nice folks over at indie site GameTunnel have added their PC indie game review round-up for December, including mini-reviews of a host of games by GT's Russ Carroll, Sykhronics' Mike Kasprzak, Robinson Technologies' Seth Robinson, and Hamumu's Mike Hommel.

One of the most notable games this month is 2D bike stunt title Motorama, of which Seth Robinson comments: "While we can find oodles of brick breaking games every month there aren't a whole lot of "2d side-view bike physics" games being served up, so it was a treat to play Motorama. It's good. It's punishing."

In fact, Motorama ties for game of the month (at a relatively slow time of year!) with isometric shooter Theseus: Return Of The Hero, regarding which Russ Carroll suggests: "Trying to follow in the footsteps of Alien Shooter, which in my mind is one of the best games of all time, is no easy task. Theseus plays a lot like a mod of the original game...a very good mod with original weapons and music in addition to expanding the game play." Mm, weekend indie goodness.