exit.jpg A couple of days ago, we thought we'd finished out 'Best Games of 2005' listings. But of course, we didn't. So here's some more. First off, Scott 'Lum The Mad' Jennings offers up his Top 10 new games of 2005, excluding MMOs, and throws some decidedly alternate choices in there, including Mercenaries ("It’s Grand Theft Auto: North Korea and that’s all you need to know") and Hearts Of Iron II ("I played this more than any game has a right to be played.")

Secondly, casual game don JayIsGames has released his Top 20 webgames for 2005, and there are all sorts of neat titles, including the incredibly addictive Nanaca Crash ("an action game remake of the Yetisports penguin tossing games of 2004"), and the distinctly weird Kingdom Of Loathing ("a turn-based, text adventure RPG with a self-mocking twist.")

Finally, a couple of leftovers - Japanese-dwelling GameSetWatch friend Jason and Nihongonauts has posted his top five games of 2005, interestingly headed by Taito's 2D puzzle-action title Exit for PSP, which is due out in the West this February from Ubisoft. And in a 'Top X of 2005' update, SomethingAwful's Zack Parsons completes his 'worst game journalism evah' piece by attempting to eviscerate Insert Credit terror, Next-Gen.biz contributor and general Internet controversy Tim Rogers.