ragdoll.jpg FlashBang Studios' development director Matthew Wegner has kindly sent over news of his fascinating new game weblog, which is called Fun-Motion, and specifically deals with "physics based computer games".

Though it's only just launched, some of the highlights include a review and an interview regarding little-known, but apparently rather smart shareware 2D rag doll fighting game, Ragdoll Masters - in fact, Wegner comments of it: "While I appreciate the artistic care Mark Healy put into the production of [Rag Doll Kung Fu], I must admit that I had a lot more fun playing Ragdoll Masters."

In addition, there's a review of Ski Stunt Simulator, another obscure piece of goodness that "implements a realistic planar simulation of the physics involved in performing acrobatic ski stunts", and plenty more weblog updates are promised in the near future. Looking forward to it.