necro.jpg The somewhat mysterious Ancil 'Dessgeega' Anthropy writes for both The Gamer's Quarter and TIGSource, and on her personal site, there are a bunch of eclectic DivX game videos, from video of UPL's Return Of The Invaders to an ever-handy vid of Jeff Minter's Tempest 2000 for Jaguar.

But the latest addition, named 'A Mean Pinball', is a DivX collection of three of the best ever video game pinball titles, and starts by noting: "Video pinball is enticing not only in that it is much more affordable than pinball machine collecting, but also in that it allows the developer to liberate the game from the constraints of real physics while making those physics serve the game."

The titles include Naxat's classic Devil Crash for Turbografx/Genesis, Codemasters' Psycho Pinball for Genesis/Megadrive, and most notably, the revelation that "...the only idea better than pinball with the devil is pinball with Cthulhu, and this was the concept behind Kaze's Saturn video pin Necronomicon... the sound design is particularly notable, and includes a narrator intoning lines like 'far away a temple stands. far away in the dreamlands'."