geekmaf.jpg Sister website Gamasutra has just posted an interview with former City Of Heroes creator Rick Dakan, who was displaced as lead designer before the game's launch. He's now written a book called Geek Mafia, which is "...the story of a rogue game designer who enlists the help of an underground group of con-men to enact revenge on the developer that fired him, and make a small profit on the process."

So the question immediately arises - how autobiographical? Dakan admits: "There's a ton of sort of big and small aspects of the book that are inspired by just my time at Cryptic and my time in the Bay Area in general", but insists: "None of the people in the book are supposed to be people in real life that had those same positions when I was there."

However, the intriguingly honest Dakan does end by noting: "There's strange art imitating life sort of stuff. Like, I had started that book and then while I was plotting it, and before I really started writing it, I ended up selling my stock out to Mike [Lewis]. But I already plotted out those early pages that had that sort of activity going. So it was a weird life imitating art sort of situation there." A strange whirl, indeed.