spend.jpg Over at MMO blog Terra Nova, Ren Reynolds has posted a fairly exhaustive round-up of all the sex-related MMOs due in 2006.

As he explains: "For those with better things to do than keep up with MMO acronym variants: the terms MMOEG (MMO Erotic Games) and MMOVSG (MMO Virtual Sex Games) are used pretty much interchangeably for a genre of multi-player online game that gives primacy to some aspect of sex or sexuality", and he then lists a number of (NSFW!) links that most notably include Spend The Night, the higher-profile erotic MMO to be launched this year by LA-based Republik Games.

Interesting, Reynolds then asks: "Commercially the question that I think hangs over these games (like a dildo of Damocles one might say) is: What’s the point?", suggesting that "...the problem that these MMOs face is that if cyber-sex interests you there is no shortage of [non-MMO] ways to explore it." Busted.