romancing.jpg Import fansite RPGFan has its review of the top RPG titles of 2005 online, and, alongside some brief non-RPG picks, there are plenty of obscure and interesting games mentioned by a plethora of otaku-esque editors.

For example, Neal Chandran cites a couple of Hirameki International's PC games recently mentioned on GameSetWatch, noting of the English-localized Ever17 that it's "a fresh take on the love adventure genre with often intellectually stimulating storylines."

Elsewhere, Patrick Gann makes a perhaps controversial choice of Square Enix's oft-debated, oft-maligned Romancing SaGa, commenting: "I know that this title did not appeal to every gamer out there, but for me, this game is really something incredible." For further, surprisingly positive perspective on the title, Jiji at NamakoTeam has a detailed analysis of the game, noting of the PS2 title's controversial charms: "Romancing SaGa is a completely player-motivated game. The only fixed point shared by the game's playable scenarios is the final boss." So you'd better be committed, then.