guido.jpg has just posted the second part of its online game cheating discussion, particularly notable for the amount of TV reality show comparisons it throws in. After referencing Team Guido from The Amazing Race, plus the latest season of The Apprentice, the author, Shannon Appelcline, comments: "This all leads me to a basic precept: players and game administrators will perceive cheating differently... Many players also see cheating as soon as something unexpected occurring. If they didn't foresee some opportunity themselves, then it feels to them like it shouldn't be allowed. "

The conclusion references another good point - there's always a joker in the pack: "If there's something that I've learned from twenty plus years of gaming, it's that every tenth gamer is a rules lawyer. They'll take your Terms and your rules and do the best to twist and warp them, explaining how their personal attacks weren't exactly personal attacks as you defined them, and how their stealing of resources from other players wasn't exactly resource theft as you define it." The original article in this series has more info on the cheating conundrum.