golf.jpg The folks at Outside The Box Software entered the IGF with their Shockwave-utilizing web game Pow Pow's Mini-Golf, and unfortunately didn't make the list of finalists, but in the meantime, they're offering a free playable Beta version, featuring a full 18 holes, for those wanting to try it out. It's mini-golf, it's 3D, it's free, and actually plenty of fun in a wholesome indie style - so go check it out.

[Interestingly, the guys at Outside The Box, headed by ex-Sony tester Chris Evans, seem to be going for a franchise by making a range of games featuring Pow Pow as the main character, including a puzzle game and a 2D platform title (previously the subject of a Q&A at GameTunnel). Why don't more indie creators try for franchises using the same main character?]