bookworm.jpg The nice folks at PopCap sent us here at GameSetWatch a package including their latest press release, which has psychologist Dr. Carl Arinoldo decrying: "Casual word and puzzle computer games can help people develop new cellular brain connections thereby helping to keep the healthy brain active and vital". Also included in the package was a PopCap branded mini-massager (!), and retail versions of their current games, which include Bookworm and Chuzzle.

But what got us particularly enthralled was the accompanying 'PopCap Games Customer Quotes' PR sheet, and particularly, this part of a quote from the also press release-cited Gail Nichols of Kansas:

"Earlier this summer I had a terrifying situation where an unexpected interaction of two new prescription medicines sent me into a panic attack so severe it made me attempt suicide. When I got home from the hospital that night, I sat there playing the endless version of Bejeweled 2 for most of the night, while the last of the overdose I had taken worked its way out of my system."

This, kind readers, is why casual games are actually pretty hardcore.