wopure.jpg The folks at Edge Online make good use of their website and post an extended version of a Wipeout Pure-related magazine article, discussing the European-only (rats!) Omega Pack add-on for the excellent PSP launch title, with new tracks designed by leading visual designers.

Mark James, one of the designers brought in to craft the extremely alternative Omega Pack levels, comments: "Designing a Wipeout track, then, was great. I was a big fan of the original game and its Designers Republic graphics; that was a real crossover point for me. It seemed like the first design led game." Jon Burgerman also has pictures of his own Omega track (plus a neat print ad for the Omega Pack) on his official website. But, even for us American players, the downloads on the Wipeout Pure website have a total of 12 other bonus tracks to play, plus a multitude of audio tracks and ships - the PSP's ease of downloading being put to great use.