hulksmash.jpg The LA Weekly's Joshuah Bearman, who penned a recently GSW-covered column discussing the use of Nintendogs during swank LA fashion shows, has posted his latest 'Pass The Paddles' game column, this time discussing The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction's "cathartic punch'.

Bearman is particularly concerned about how games might balance the "mindless" but visceral fun of the latest Hulk title with some deeper emotions, commenting:

"A monstrous green corporealized Id with torn-up cutoffs is fairly pointless without the fragile Ego from which it sprang. If violence is fulfilling as a release, that’s a nuance alien to the narrow vocabulary of most video games. Senseless stealth missions as David Banner are not the answer to making a more rounded game, but punching buildings ad nauseum doesn’t do the trick either." Amen to that.