mags.jpg Kevin Gifford, aka Fennec Fox of Video-Fenky fame, is a former writer at GamePro and for a host of other mags. Though nowadays working elsewhere in journalism, he's just posted an amazing game magazine gallery overview on the Gaming-Age Forums, taking messageboard readers through his collection of more than 2000 video game mags. As he explains: "I intend to start up a site someday devoted to covering the history of these magazines (probably with mediawiki), but I'm a lazy bum and I haven't gotten around to it yet. But I still want to show off a little, so I thought I'd take you on a visual tour of game magazine history via my collection." Worth checking out for obscurities such as Diehard Game Fan, High End, The Game Meister, and many others. (Oh, and elsewhere in the thread, 'Vitaflo' links to his scanned game magazine cover collection, with some neat old covers featured.)