ww.jpg Those banjo/ukulele-playing scamps over at indie developer Digital Eel have just released Weird Worlds: Return To Infinite Space, an absolutely excellent 'short game' sequel for PC that thrusts you bodily around a strange galaxy, collecting odd artifacts and dueling in 'an infinitely replayable universe full of danger and surprises', half turn-based and half real-time stylee - there's a demo available for the curious.

In any case, the original IGF-nominated Strange Adventures In Infinite Space had a small but dedicated mod community, creating some great variations on the original title. Now, the chaps at Digital Eel have set up a mod guide for the sequel, 'Modmakers' Guide To The Galaxy', including information on creating a starship, particle effects, and making an alien race. Mm, alien races - go buy the game and try it out.