gsg.jpg Just a quick note to say that GameSetWatch is officially launched - which, if you're reading this, is incontrovertibly true, right? Over at Gamasutra we have the official announcement, which provides some info on the blogging line-up here that's worth repeating:

"GameSetWatch is headed by Game Developer/Gamasutra EIC and former Slashdot Games editor Simon Carless. Contributors to the daily-updated game weblog, which aims to pinpoint and succinctly link to the gems of video game coverage online, include GeekOnStun weblog creator Michael McWhertor, Edge Magazine contributor Brandon Boyer, LostLevels founder Frank Cifaldi and Wonderland game weblog creator Alice Taylor, as well as Insert Credit co-founder and Game Developer editor Brandon Sheffield." So there you go - stay tuned for the many shenanigans to come on the good ship GameSetWatch.