cw.jpg Over at sister site Gamasutra, they've added a 'Playing Catch-Up' column with former id artist Paul Steed, particularly 'famous' for his somewhat controversial 'Crackwhore' model for Quake II, as well as his larger-than life personality.

Steed's fascination with the female form continued even post-id, though, as he explains: "I was doing these visualizers for [popular MP3 software] WinAmp, this plugin where you have 3D dancing girl at about 10,000 polygons... I came up with the proper solution to the breast bouncing one night over seven Guinnesses with a waitress. I showed her my laptop, and what I was working on, and she happily jumped and bounced for me." After a stint at Microsoft working with James Cameron on Battle Angel demos for Xbox 360, Steed is now a Creative Director at Atari, with an eye for the less carnal and more practical: "I always wanted to work with a publisher, in the sense that I want to affect games and make them better."