left-behind.jpg The folks over at GameCloud grabbed a brief interview with Left Behind Games' Troy Lyndon, discussing the forthcoming PC real-time strategy game based on the Rapture-themed Christian series of 'Left Behind' novels, which have sold a staggering total of 62 million copies over the last 10 years.

The official book website reveals: "[Left Behind authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins] estimate they've heard from more than 3,000 readers who have made decisions of faith after reading Left Behind." So... can an RTS (here's a trailer) make you believe? And more to the point, can you play the bad guys, too? Lyndon explains: "In Storyline Mode, a gamer can only play the good side of the Tribution Forces. However, in Game World Mode, gamers can play either side and view more realistically how their choices are matched up with consequences. And though both sides can win against each other in Battle, no conclusion is provided regarding who wins the war. Can you guess?" Um, Satan?