vicviper_konamistyle.jpgKonamiStyle, the online shop that represents game publisher Konami's game, music, and merchandise interests, has deployed for United States customers. Previously available only to Japanese and European markets, Konami now gives US-based gamers the option to buy online.

At this point, the only wares available are currently marketed Konami software releases. This pales in comparison to offerings provided by the Japanese iteration, which include pants-wetting goodness like Konami property t-shirts, the Metal Gear Solid 3 Extreme Box, arcade quality Bemani controllers and more. KonamiStyle for Europe is not slouch either, with Silent Hill 4 mugs to prove it.

Buyer beware: KonamiStyle American-style currently lists Microsoft specific system requirements (hiss...), but using other alternatives has yet to hurt our browsing experience.