guit.jpg David Edery, the manager of the CycleScore exergaming project at MIT, has his own weblog, Game Tycoon, and, quizzing a fellow bulky-peripheral utilizer, has interviewed Harmonix's Greg LoPiccolo about the awesome PlayStation 2 axe-wielding, plastic Gibson-totin', critically drooled-over title Guitar Hero.

Among the highlights? LoPiccolo suggests of the game's late-lifecycle timing: "The major franchises are all out toiling with their new dev kits, so there aren’t that many compelling PS2 titles out there, which is great for us!" There's also hints that "you can sell people more music for the existing game, new features via expansion content" - maybe the "solo improvisational mode" that Harmonix recently mentioned in an Edge interview will make it into an add-on pack? We can only hope. (Via Ludology.)