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WTF? Work Time Fun Details Unearthed

August 24, 2006 8:14 AM |

http://www.gamesetwatch.com/baito2.jpg SiliconEra has the most detailed gameplay info I've seen so far (not that I've been looking!) for D3's WTF for PSP, which we've previously covered in-depth under Japanese title Baito Hell 2000.

Among the mini-games: "In Private Number players take a stab and guessing a girl’s phone number out of the blue. When the game starts her profile tells what she likes and the four numbers used in her phone number. If you’re on the right the track she will give you signs like “Bingo” or act surprised. If you have the right number, but in the wrong place she’ll give a different sign. The faster you guess her number the more money you’ll earn. Also after you guess her number you can “call” the girl."

Also, uhh, 'Restaurant Bill Splitter': "One of the most useful tools in WTF, the restaurant bill splitter asks for the amount of money on the check and how many in the party to split the bill with. Then it divides the bill evenly or you can set it in “gentleman mode” so all the ladies pay less for the meal." Yes, this game is crazy - and reportedly not actually that great.

Dungeon Siege 2's Self-Promotional Japes

August 21, 2006 4:01 PM |

http://www.gamesetwatch.com/ds2e.jpg Vedrashko's 'Brands In Games' blog points to something we'd missed - an Ars Technica article noting the Dungeon Siege 2 expansion's promotional hilarity.

It's revealed: "In Dungeon Siege 2: Broken World, our forum goer Scero found an NPC that told him about the Dungeon Siege PSP game and offered him a code for it, as well as saying the PSP game had a code for items in the game he was playing." And a related screenshot is procured!

The Ars Technica guys get all shakey-fisty-y about this, ranting: "Way to help us suspend disbelief. Even worse, this "ad" was voiced by the character. Wanting to advertise in a game is fine, but I think this is kind of sick; characters in games should not try to talk to you about other games the developers want you to buy. I've just put Broken World in my "do not buy or play" folder."

So do you guys care about this? Is it fair game in a world where branding is increasingly important, or is it EVIL cross-promotional in a world GONE MAD? Inquiring minds want to know.

Games On A Snake! Planes On A Game!

August 19, 2006 6:49 AM |

http://www.gamesetwatch.com/psplane.jpg Yes, 1UP are the kind of dorks who will celebrate the opening of Samuel L. Jackson's maaaahvellous Snakes On A Plane with a feature called 'Games On A Plane!', explained thus: "The portable revolution is well underway, making these perfect games... on a plane! Until Homeland Security gets all hysterical and outlaws electronic devices, anyway."

The plane playing shenanigans are split into 'Regional Flights', which names games such as Capcom Classics Remixed ("Short flights are made for short games, and when it comes to instant gratification it's hard to top the classic arcade"), all the way up to 'Flying Overseas', which marvellously names Card Fighters Clash for NGPC ("Dust off that forgotten Neo Geo Pocket Color -- Card Fighter's Clash is still one of the best and brightest card games ever created.")

And actually, probably the best thing are the witty faux-safety tips running at the bottom of each page, starting out with 'Passengers in coach class should not play Warioware Twisted', and going downhill hilariously from there. More dumb features, plz! (Elsewhere in scary Snakes-related fun, the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin has the 24-hour 'Snakes On A Day', which is the movie played over and over from midnight to midnight. Jeez.)

GameSetLinks: From Sega To Kiddie Loco

August 14, 2006 10:48 PM |

http://www.gamesetwatch.com/lrlrlrjpg All kinds of madness has invaded our minds on this fair Monday, although our main concern in live is whether there's going to be an Xbox Live Arcade game released this Wednesday - yes, we've seen the list, but is it actually true?

Meanwhile, there's this:

- We forgot about Segagaga Domain for a while, but in checking out this retro Sega paradise again, we note all kinds of fun scans and updates - or at least, fun if you want to find out about the Japanese DC version of NFL 2K1, for which "Sega released this and NBA2K1 in a special pack containing a in-depth rule book". Oh, and the Retro Core web video show is good stuff, too.

- We Make Money Not Art has more information on the 'SIMVeillance' art project at San Jose's ZeroOne Festival: "SIMVeillance: San Jose, by Katherine Isbister and Rainey Straus in collaboration with SIM consultant Chelsea Hash, uses surveillance cameras and the video game The Sims 2 to re-present passersby within a game environment that mirrors a "real life" public space: the Fairmont Plaza in downtown San Jose." GDC attendees will know the area well!

- The2Bears has a write-up on an awesome-looking new PC dojin shmup, as follows: "ourtesy of Danmaku Gata comes the news today of a new release by Hikoza’n-CHI X. Hikoza, developer of Warning Forever and Shooter’s Solitude, now gives us the mouse driven game Ray-Hound, coinciding with Comiket." Must get!

- Alice's Wonderland Blog has info on 3D printed World Of Warcraft avatars - this is a claimed feature for Spore, too, right? Alice moons happily: "Won't it be fantastic when you can print out and collect avatars as souvenirs of your gaming experience? I'd love to have a shelf load of avatars - Quake marine alice, Star Wars Galaxies alice, WoW alice(s), Second Life alice, Halo alice ... talk about memories ..."

- The 'From Sun Tzu to Xbox' war and games blog has some enchantingly jingoistic America's Army fan wallpapers posted - we like the one that says 'America's Army - Bad Boys - Together We Stand, An Army Of One', but you may also enjoy the one that looks like a GoldenEye loading screen. Any way up, they're there, and they exist, so there.

- Dean Takahashi at the Merc News got his 9-year-old daughter to review Loco Roco, as follows: "This game is for younger kids such as five- or six-year-olds. Older kids might not like it. The music is for two- or three-year-olds. It gets annoying with the baby singing. If you beat the level, you get a prize. I haven't beaten the whole level yet so I don't know what the prize is. I'd give this game a one out of four star rating." Youch - apparently Japan is similarly dismissive, though my money is on it doing reasonably well in the States.

- UK Resistance is making fun of IGN's UK operations announcement news post, and rightly so. Cmdr Zorg, attempting to whittle away the few friends he still has in the biz, insists: "It makes Gamesradar look good", also, haw. As someone who appears to be British and also appears to live in America, I concur - either you do properly separate European sites and MAKE SOME EFFORT (yay, Eurogamer!), or you go home.

Enough of this dodgy semi-integration of UK and US editorial, which makes almost no sense given the worldwide nature of most games, and is just to have a reason to redirect all European traffic to new ad servers so you can sell them to UK publishers. [But I guess IGN UK could 'rock the bells', having said that, tragic opening announcements notwithstanding. I'm just opposed because the reasoning behind opening it is Machiavellian, rather than editorially-led.]

- We've just mentioned this over at Gamasutra too, but GameSpot have spotted a new EA compilation for PSP that compiles a bunch of SNES and Genesis EA titles, as follows: "B.O.B.--1993--SNES and Genesis; Budokan--1990--Genesis
Desert Strike--1993--SNES and Genesis; Jungle Strike--1993--SNES and Genesis; Haunting Starring; Polterguy--1993--Genesis; Mutant League Football--1993--Genesis; Road Rash--1992--Genesis, later on 3DO; Road Rash II--1993--Genesis; Road Rash III--1995--Genesis; Syndicate--1995--SNES, 3DO, Jaguar; Ultima: The Black Gate--1994--SNES; Virtual Pinball--1993--Genesis; Wing Commander--1993--SNES; Wing Commander: The Secret Missions--1993--SNES." A pretty odd lot, but presumably they're using a Genesis emulator for most of this, and hey, beats a kick in the teeth, huh?

Don't Mess With Screech's PSP Games!

August 14, 2006 3:35 AM |

http://www.gamesetwatch.com/ddiam.jpg Since it's important to cover only breaking news of paramount importance to the game biz on GSW - we spotted that Dustin Diamond almost got mugged for his PSP games - by a female fan, no less - in Omaha, Nebraska last week.

It's explained breathlessly by E!: "Dustin Diamond, the irrepressible Samuel "Screech" Powers of Saved by the Bell fame... says the unidentified fan attended his sold-out Sunday night gig and, in the wee hours of Monday, accosted him at his hotel room before trying to make off with his precious PSP videogames."

Apparently, she may have been trying to steal his gig money, and "...then, he said, "she grabs my PlayStation Portable games, said, "This will have to do," and goes running out the door. "I'm a big gamer and you don't mess with the D-man's videogames," he said." Thus, a scuffle, and then the police, and OH MY. No charges were pressed. What PSP games is Dustin into, though? Ape Escape? Lumines? I think we should be told. [EDIT: Eek, I'm informed that I used almost the same headline as IGN. Is there something I can take for that?]

Loco Roco Gets Mucho Loco Franco Coverage

August 3, 2006 10:25 PM |

http://www.gamesetwatch.com/lrlrlr.jpg So, it's all in French, but we got a nice mail about some cool PSP-related physics game hilarity, as follows: "Just a mail to tell you that there are some cool stuff being done around LOCO ROCO for the loco roco week on the PlayStation France online gallery ARTCADE."

Like what? "Like tee-shirts and sweat shirts made by fashion designers around the game. There is also an exclusive vidéo and 7 Loco roco songs on streaming."

But what else? "An Illustration by WAD fashion mag designer is also available there." All pretty fun stuff, and a good warmup for the North American release of Loco Roco, which is apparently on September 5th, finally.

Ultimate Ghouls N Ghosts Gets Lunatic Video

July 13, 2006 11:08 PM |

http://www.gamesetwatch.com/ghogho.jpg This one's been floating around for a bit, but I didn't realize how insane it was until I looked at it properly - a YouTube-hosted promotional video for Goku Makaimura, aka upcoming PSP title Ultimate Ghouls 'N Ghosts from Capcom, which plays out like a particularly surreal absinthe dream.

Along with a spectacularly redbearded Japanese guy hanging out his famous underwear and using his lance to turn out the light in his dingy apartment, we then see him switching some of his treasure for money and hanging out in karaoke bars with hostesses, before getting in shape to kick ass as Arthur the Knight - sublime.

If you haven't seen them, actually, the trailers for Ultimate Ghouls 'N Ghosts itself are particularly satisfying - sounds like you'll be getting to play the title if you turn up to the San Diego Comic-Con next week, too - so have at it!

From Last Bronx To Summer Holidays

July 2, 2006 11:01 PM |

http://www.gamesetwatch.com/shol.jpg Wandering along to check out the latest import releases detailed at NCSX, with their customarily delightful descriptions, and we see a couple of neat games to focus on - a 3D fighter re-release and a summery folly for PSP.

The former is the Sega Ages Last Bronx re-release for PS2, and it's noted: "Whereas AM2's Virtua Fighter series featured safe and sanitary fighters such as Pai and Jacky, the cast of Last Bronx was made up of grungy, street-wise, and hardened gang leaders who battle with weapons such as nunchaku, wooden swords, and massive hammers." Also: "The conversion is pretty much perfect and 1:1 with the coin-op original. The fighters move fast and attacks and combos flow in fluid motion" - yay, Sega Ages is getting much better.

The latter is Sony's My Summer Holiday for PSP, for which it's rhapsodized: "My Summer Holiday takes gamers back. All the way back to an alternate reality in 1975 when life was carefree and fun. This particular childhood memory features a summer vacation with an aunt and uncle in a country town full of greenery, blue skies, rivers brimming with fresh water, and most importantly, insects. Little boys love to catch and catalog bugs." It's a PS2 to PSP conversion, despite sounding very DS-like, mind you.

There are plenty more intriguing releases from this week (games, mags, accessories) listed in the latest news section at NCSX, too (and no, we don't have any deal with them here at GSW, which just like their sunny disposition!)

Aha Taiken Spots The Difference On PSP

June 25, 2006 12:18 AM |

photops.jpg Back to the wry world of importers NCSX, and the most interesting game listed in one of this week's main updates is Nou ni Kaikan: Aha Taiken for PSP from Sega, an obviously Brain Age-inspired piece of 'spot the difference' fun.

It's explained: "Sega teamed up with Kenichiro Mogi from the Sony Computer Science Research Lab to create a brain game which focuses on photographs and the differences in them. Professor Mogi is a specialist in brain science who's research centers on the relationship between the physical brain and the perception of the mind. For example, one may be prompted to stare at a photograph and then another photograph that's nearly identical to the first one. Point out the very subtle difference in the second photograph and prove that your brain power generates enough electricity to power a hamster wheel."

In fact, there's a whole heap of Where's Waldo type challenges hanging out in the UMD: "The software includes over a 100 exercises and over 4000 crisp photos which feature disparate themes and locations for a wide variety of subject matter to test perception." Wonder if Sega will bring this one to the States? We're guessing yes.

Dead Head Fred - D3's Hidden (Weirdass) Gem?

June 22, 2006 2:01 AM |

dhf.jpg So, we were hanging out at the D3 Publisher of America website, trying to work out what excuse they had now for not bringing Zombie Vs. Ambulance out in the States, when we noticed what may be the overlooked quirksome gem of E3 - Dead Head Fred for PSP.

Being produced by Vicious Cycle Software, the game has a teaser trailer up on YouTube that explains the premise fairly well - it's, uhm, an original IP film noir about a guy who had his head removed. Play Magazine (hey, who knew they had a half-decent website nowadays?) has a good E3 preview of the game, explaining: "Taking place in an alternate 1940's inspired universe, you take up the role of Fred Neuman, a private detective who was murdered and then used as part of a bizarre scientific experiment."

But wait, there's more, according to Play: "As Fred battles a variety of monsters, mutants, and ghouls, he can used the severed heads of some of his fallen foes to replace his own, giving him a variety of new ability and powers. For example, one of the heads I got to check out was a zombie head, which can suck in various things, expanding as it fills with said content." So... it's out in early 2007 exclusively for PSP, and who knows, may be a Stubbs-ian exercise in whimsy? Watch out for it.