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Mobile Phone Gaming Out of Control?

April 6, 2006 12:47 PM |

mPlay01.jpgAre your fingers too plump for button-mashing gameplay on your mobile phone? Thanks to MobileChaos, you can fatten up your phone to match your dumpy digits with its brand-spanking-new MPlay attachment. Simply slide your phone into the waiting arms of the MPlay's universal holder, clamp that sucker in, attach your handset's phone adapter and enjoy the same D-Pad and multi-button goodness handheld console gamers have been enjoying for over 15 years.

When your phone rings, quickly rip out handset's phone adapter, unclamp your phone, and yank it from MPlay's universal holder. Hopefully in time to answer the call. Or, just shove the entire handset/controller combo against your ear. Suddenly, the MPlay add-on makes the original N-Gage and its goofy sidetalkin' setup seem stylish.

Shaun Brings Deadness To Mobiles

April 4, 2006 6:56 AM |

shaun.jpg We like Shaun Of The Dead, a lot - much as we adore Spaced, and we're looking forward to Hot Fuzz, whenever that pops onto screens. Thus, we're somewhat delighted by the launch of the Shaun Of The Dead game for cellphones in Europe, yay.

According to the PR: "Shaun of the Dead pits players against an onslaught of zombies and un-dead scum set inside the confines of the Winchester Pub... Players find themselves defending the pub from a first-person perspective, battling droves of zombies with weapons and household objects including a shotgun, cricket bat, and vinyl LPs from a record collection."

We particularly like the fact that the movie is explained in the press release as "a "rom zom com" (romantic zombie comedy)" - but we do wonder, is Dire Straits one of the LPs being thrown in the mobile game, and will New Order really get spared? Details like this are very important. To us alone.

The Shroud Goes GPS Gaga With U.S. Mobile Users

March 11, 2006 9:16 PM |

shroud.jpg Over at U.S. handheld site Modojo, which we referenced the other day, they have a look at the GPS functionality for U.S.-aimed mobile RPG title The Shroud, and it's very interesting stuff.

Your World Games VP Robert Sprogis explains the GPS-related concept for the Harvest Moon-ish mobile RPG, which actually includes farming challenges for its other major online mode: "Players with GPS compatible phones will be alerted to breaches during their gameplay. A compass will point them in the direction they need to go, and they will have to physically move themselves to these breach spots in order to embark in these GPS challenges."

And where might these be? According to Sprogis: "All the obvious landmarks would make great choices for breaches, anything from the Empire State Building to the Golden Gate Bridge. It would be pretty cool to see a whole bunch of Shroud players standing out in the middle of the Golden Gate competing in a GPS challenge." As long as the authorities think they're going to stay on the bridge, of course, yikes.

OMG, BlingGames Gets Lil Jon Crunked-Up

February 25, 2006 12:12 AM |

crunkgolf.jpg Really, the mobile game market is the only place you can get press releases which are 'jaw-gaping experiences'. Such is the case with this Lagardere Active North America release GSW just got, touting BlingGames.com, a mobile game site from the U.S. division of the big French firm that "thoroughly incorporates hip-hop culture with one of the premier games, “Lil’Jon Crunk Golf,” featuring the superstar rapper/producer playing his own version of golf on New York City rooftops."

Oh, but Lil 'Jon Crunk Golf is only the beginning from BlingGames, which is the sister site of the apparently popular Blingtones hiphop ringtones hub. Other games include 'Hot Secretary', in which "the player is the head of a major rap company seeing how far his female assistant will go to get the job done" (uhh, excuse me?), and, wait for it, 'Stackin’ Bling' "an addictive puzzle game that involves colorful, jeweled blocks - a blinged-out twist on the puzzle/action games of the past." Sounds totally blinged out.

Of course, it probably helps that "Behind the launch of BlingGames is a team of industry veterans composed by Nicolas Gaume, who previously founded Kalisto Entertainment at the age 19 in 1990." See, from Nightmare Creatures to Lil' Jon's pimp cup isn't the six degrees of separation we previously reckoned on.

Gorillaz Get The Cool Mobile Game Shine

February 14, 2006 12:34 PM |

ges.jpg Casual and mobile game developer/distributor RealNetworks has announced a Gorillaz-themed mobile game, named 'Gorillaz Entertainment System', and featuring "four easy-to-grasp, mini-games based on each of Gorillaz' band members; 2D, Noodle, Murdoc and Russel."

The press release goes on to froth of the title, which has a teaser video available on the site of the Real-owned Finnish developer, Mr. Goodliving: "The graphic elements are a unique blend of retro "arcade style" games and the utterly contemporary Gorillaz artwork. Gorillaz Entertainment System was created in conjunction with Jamie Hewlett and his studio design team at Zombie Flesh Eaters in West London."

Well, the vid reveals that someone has been playing International Karate+, if nothing else, but it looks like a diverting Gorillaz diversion for slathering fans of the virtual pop band. And Shaun Ryder.

The Cenix GMP-M6 Lumbers Toward Release

January 27, 2006 4:31 PM |

gmp-m6.jpg So, following up with the portable Cenix GMP-M6 handheld which GSW posted about some time ago, there's now a full, devoted page. There's also one in our old friend English!

So it looks as though you purchase the console, and it comes with two games already loaded; shooting game Star Force and Strategy RPG Battle Armor (at the very least they're available for free).

All other games can be purchased for 2,000 won, which is just under $2 US. Not a bad price really, but I've still no idea how much the unit itself costs, or if there are functional buttons aside from the one that says 'play.' I can't even find a way to buy it from the online store - perhaps you can help. To paraphrazy Ryo in Shenmue - Do you know anyone who speaks the language of Korean?

SilverFin Breaks Water, Takes Bond Mobile

January 7, 2006 12:05 AM |

silverfin.jpg GamesPress' feed on biz site GamesIndustry.biz has news of Player One's mobile game licensing of 'Young Bond'. As the release eplains: "Licensed by Young Bond rights' owner Ian Fleming Publications Limited, "Young Bond - SilverFin" the game takes a look at an embryonic spy just embarking on a life of espionage which ultimately leads to his vocation as MI6's top secret agent."

Despite the potentially cheesy-sounding concept (you were thinking of James Bond Jr., weren't you?), the Young Bond books are written by English comedian/writer Charlie Higson, and there's a a great series of interviews with him over at MI6.co.uk which show that he's trying to make the teen-aimed novels well thought-out and interesting. Whether the mobile game, developed by 'Bluetooth Biplanes' developer Morpheme, will be shaken and not stirred, we'll no doubt find out soon.

Watch Out For Cop-Man, Waka Waka?

January 4, 2006 10:01 PM |

copman.gif The website of Brazilian/Norwegian mobile game developer Microways shows details on a number of amusingly 'familiar' games. Sure, there's 'Kingo Kongo', which may or may not remind you of a certain Nintendo classic, and cheekily and half-assedly flips the scenario, since "the purpose is to help Kingo save his family who has been imprisoned by an evil hunter."

But even better, there's Cop-Man, in which the 'nothing like Pac-Man' entity is helping 'move' some money, but "the ghosts of former security employees will do their best to make you into a happy little jailbird as soon as possible." Wow, so it's all about betrayal, death, and redemption? Take that, Indigo Prophecy. Oh, and Cop-Man 3D is also absolutely nothing like Pac-Mania, just to get things straight. Oddly, the games seem very professionally coded, even the ones 'borrowing' from Game & Watch, so it's a shame the gameplay couldn't be a little more... original? [Via normalroach.]

Live, Mobile College Girls

January 1, 2006 4:10 AM |

college.jpg Well, it's the New Year, but mobile games are getting any less silly. Late in December, Touchlink Mobile released details on its 'College Girls' cellphone game [pixel-ish NSFW], which apparently "proved a great success in Russian market, [and] is coming out in English, Polish, Czech and Greek."

In the game, the player "...has to learn 20 sexual positions... [and] walks around the dormitory, meeting sexy inhabitants, making love to them and they teach him the secrets of sex." Oh, and Robert Mueller, the General Sales Manager of Touchlink Mobile said: “The key factors ensuring the success of College Girls are everlasting demand for adult content and exciting gameplay of the application. Personally I am still having a lot of fun playing this game." We bet you are, Robert.

[Also, Touchlink have an (unintentional?) eye for the hilarious cellphone game title - for example, Trivial Chicken, Forest For Mist, Sphere Rollers.]

Nokia Tries Twitchr Mobile Virtual Ecosystem

December 18, 2005 2:58 AM |

twitchr.jpg Tom Hume's blog has a very interesting new entry on a virtual pet environment built for Nokia cellphones, and called Twitchr. Hume explains that in the game, "...digital birds visit your mobile phone. An application that resides on your handset gives you a window onto a "virtual garden", into which these birds will fly from time to time. To tempt them, you use an almost childishly simple one-click interface to drop pieces of seed on the ground; minutes or hours later, your handset flashes and tweets as a bird arrives, and you have a short window of opportunity to click again and snap a photo."

There's also further complexity, both local ("If you configure Bluetooth and "pair" your device with that of a Twitchr-playing friend, then birds can fly between your phones") and worldwide ("Once you're online, your phone becomes part of a massive digital environment: numbers of the various species rise and fall over time, new species can be introduced, and old ones become extinct.") Oh, and its name is a Flickr-inspired riff on a 'twitcher' - effectively an ornithological trainspotter.