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GameSetCompetition: Death Jr. Winner Announced!

June 5, 2006 1:51 PM |

deathjrswagsm.jpg Thanks to all who entered the recent Death Jr. competition to help promote the new Death Jr. titles being released later this year (and developer Backbone's largesse in general).

The lucky winner, who gets the pictured loot (click on the pic to enlarge!) - a Death Jr. T-shirt, a mini 'C-4 Hamster' action figure (!), and best of all, a special metal Death Jr. Case Core Coffincase, is Torin Macbeth - congrats, Torin, we'll be sending you the coffin later this week, maybe you can find some small songbirds to bury in it.

And, for those wondering the answer to the question: "When Death Jr. and friends appeared on the June/July 2005 issue of GSW sister publication Game Developer magazine, DJ was brandishing a scythe and pointing to a graph. What 'hilarious' joke descriptors are on the two axes of the graph?"?

Well, the cover scan is available online, but one of the axes was partially obscured, so you had to work out that the amusing descriptors were 'Death & Taxes'. So there! Oh, and we're going to have another competition starting soon, so watch out for that.

IGN's Hotlist Is Hot, Also Hot, Additionally Hot

June 2, 2006 7:32 PM |

hotlist.jpg We got a press release from the Fox-y folks at IGN announcing the IGN Hotlist Magazine Vol.1, which apparently "counts down the hottest pin-ups in videogames -- featuring exclusive artwork and photography of gamers' favorite butt-kicking babes."

You can get both a digital edition and a limited-edition print version of the vaguely tawdry book, which apparently "will also be enjoyed by art aficionados who appreciate interactive entertainment's emergence as the dominant creative medium of the 21st century. Page after page of full-color." Oh, and bewbs - this seems similar to Play Magazine's Girls Of Gaming series, which is also offered by IGN digitally.

[For future reference, the HotList "...includes Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), Kristinna Loken (BloodRayne), Michelle Rodriguez (BloodRayne), Christy Hemme (WWE Diva), Kasumi (DOA), Torrie Wilson (WWE Diva), Trish Stratus (WWE Diva), Fara (Prince of Persia), Carmen Electra (Def Jam: Fight for NY), Rachel (Ninja Gaiden Black), Dawn Star (Jade Empire), Tala (Darkwatch), Anesthesia (Rumble Rose Series), Sgt. Clemente (Rumble Rose Series), Brooke Burke (Need for Speed Underground 2), Mileena (Mortal Kombat Series), Joanna Dark (Perfect Dark), Lil' Kim (Def Jam: Fight for NY) and more!" So there.]

Sony PSP Merchandise Luxuriates In Its Own Price Tag

May 31, 2006 5:09 AM |

signa.jpg Courtesy of Game-Science, there's information on Sony's new PlayStation Signature merchandise series, some _extremely_ high-end lifestyle tie-ins.

As is explained: "In a move to push the PlayStation brand into a lifestyle brand, in which the PlayStation means something beyond games, Sony announced the release of "PlayStation Signature" lifestyle items in Japan, which includes various items for the PSP and for upscale people in general. Most of the items will be available from 14 June, at the PlayStation Square in Sony's headquarters in Tokyo."

A Japanese-language Impress Watch article has lots of pictures of the line - we particularly like the super-custom 'EMILIO PUCCI X PLAYSTATION Signature PSP Case (each one unique)', but at 33,000 yen ($294), you could buy more than one PSP for the same price.

Jack Black Has Lost His PSP, Uhoh

May 30, 2006 4:43 PM |

jbds.jpg Thanks to some silly promotional people, we got links to the two latest videos from Jack Black's Nacho Libre 'confessionals' - both of which co-star director Jared Hess, and actually discuss video games - here's the links - Episode 16 - 'Search for the Missing PSP' (.MOV), and Episode 17 - 'Thanksgiving' (.MOV).

Specifically, it's explained to us: "Jack Black loves video games. He does NOT love losing his beloved PSP handheld... check out this behind the scenes footage from the set of Jack's new comedy "Nacho Libre," in theaters June 16. Jack Black and director Jared Hess (Nacho Libre, Napoleon Dynamite) discuss Jack's missing PSP, how the Nintendo DS compares to the PSP, Thanksgiving food, and the Neverending Story."

Check out the 'Thanksgiving' movie, in particular, for Black explaining that his DS does not make up for losing his PSP: "That's how spoiled I am - Nintendo DS, that's all I got?", expostulates Black, before hurling his DS across the room (see picture!), and then commenting woefully: "Yesterday I actually had to read some of a book." We know, it hurts.

Kick! Punch! It's all in the Cellphone!

May 23, 2006 6:59 PM |

basara05.gifEver since an urban legend that certain cell phone straps prevent cancer, it has been popular to feature them as promotional materials. Ever thought how useful it might be to have a weapon strapped to your cell phone? Capcom's got your back, according to Impress Watch! In order to promote the upcoming Sengoku Basara 2 (a sequel to the series known as Devil Kings in the US), if you preorder, you will receive one of five hero weapon cell phone straps at random.

Maeda Keiji's staff might also be useful as a fishing rod to snatch rare fish from your friend's aquariums when they're not looking! Date Masamune (that's as in Dah-Tay, not Win a Date with Masamune) offers his triple set of swords, perfect for pricking random people you don't like in public! Meanwhile, Saneda Yukimura's dual spears would be good for picking your nose surreptitiously. Chosokabe Morichika's harpoon might make a wonderful little spear to hold taffy on until you want to eat it later. Last, but not least, Mori Motonari's round, painful-looking dagger thingy (pictured left) might...help you disguise yourself as a New Age practitioner?

The little weapons will also come with an exciting trading card! Oh boy! Capcom's also planning some other things, such as limited edition covers, a Sengoku diary and fortunetelling. Oh my! Check back later to see if the new Cooking Mama will come with a set of Ginsu knives!

In Japan, Ninja Renting Is In Danger!

May 23, 2006 4:58 AM |

phot_fujisawa_00.jpgAh, Japan! Land of laws no one pays attention to! Used games have been sold since the dawn of the Famicom, despite the fact that it was technically not allowed. Any lover of games will tell you the used game market here is heaven. So when it technically became allowed in 2002, used games sales simply went one step up the nirvana ladder of completion. It certainly didn't please companies though, who lose quite a bit to a secondhand industry that is estimated to be 30% that of new retail.

Rental is also technically not allowed and this one works to a point: the only things you've been able to rent in a non-shady way here are demos and who wants to pay for the right to play a demo? However, in the land that invented the ninja, we have our ways of being sneaky. When you buy a game at any good non-chain retailer, you will probably receive a note on the date when the game's resale price will go down, and how much you can sell it back for before that date. Thus, if you're relatively quick, you can buy a game close to release date, play it and sell it back for an excellent price, which is kind of like Ninja Renting, because you have to be pretty skilled at games to complete them before the price goes down.

Now, in the year 2006, Koei has hired a female vampire to suck the blood of other companies' games and regurgitate it to you. Called RentaNet, the chain will be opening the first ever opportunity to legitimately rent games this week in Tokyo and Kanagawa, and is prophecied to extend into around 10-15 locations by the end of the year and a further 1800 by 2008. They say prices will differ by store, but the prices sound an awful lot like Ninja Renting without the pride. For new titles, a month's rental will be about 5000 yen, while a 5-day rental will be in the range of 2800 yen, which incidentally is kind of the universal budget game price.

For classic titles, or those that have been out for one year, about 500 yen for the 5-day rental is predicted. Like most game shops, RentaNet will employ a point system for discounts and bonuses. Locations will also be in places close to things like Namco's game centers in order to target game fans. The store offers a selection so far of EA's, Taito's, Sony's, Koei's, Bandai Namco's and Tecmo's lineups, though it naturally seems to be centered or exclusively based on their PS2 catalogs.

Despite wanting an ability to rent for a long time, now that it's here, I'm worried that it will keep the wonderfully healthy used games market from thriving. Psychologically, after years of conditioning that the only way to get a game here is to buy it or steal it, I've become so used to it, it's a bit weird to even consider renting.

Many Rocks, Many Games, Kazam!

April 28, 2006 12:02 AM |

rockz.jpg So, we spotted a recent weblog post by Matt 'Fort90' Hawkins that links to a totally smart collaged picture called 'rocks.jpg', which features a photo of some rocks, as 'interpreted' by a few of your favorite games.

Of course, this means that the Doom 3 version is almost completely dark, the Vib Ribbon version is extremely pseudo vector graphics-heavy, the Duke Nukem 3D rocks are somewhat hilariously being offered a dollar bill (y'all!), the Dead Or Alive 4 version has a bikini on the rock, and... the smartness goes on.

But who made this graphic, and when, and for what purpose? Matt doesn't quite seem to know, and nor do we - we've been reliably informed that it's not from SomethingAwful, either, which would be our first bet. Anyone know? Is it still being added to, like the Sistine Chapel? Answers in comments, please.

[UPDATE: Commenter '573' traces the pics to English-language 2Chan image-board 'clone' 4Chan - which apparently started as a SA offshoot, anyhow, so we were close. The images were done by multiple contributors to the /v/ board. And smartass 'John H.' mentions: "The Nethack one is incorrect: rocks in that game are of the gemstone class, and would be represented by asterisks..." Ooo!]

[UPDATE 2: Oi, Kotaku - no crediting for the link or even the source update? Weak.]

Zizzle Sizzles Up Mini Pinball Tables

April 27, 2006 6:51 PM |

potc.jpg The rather smart RetroBlast! has spotted a brand new consumer-aimed pinball table from innovative toy company Zizzle, the folks behind the Zizzle Iz - and designed by Star Wars Episode 1 and Theater Of Magic pin designer John Popadiuk, too.

RB! links to an informative rec.games.pinball post (Usenet still alive? Huzzah!) which explains: "John Popadiuk is designing a few games for release this summer by a company called Zizzle. A smaller version of a full size pin. Real solenoid flippers and bumpers, ramps and multilevels. Real wood cabinet but at a discount price. Around $300. First out is a Pirates of the Caribbean and Marvel Super Heroes. Trying to tap in the home market just as Bally did in the mid '80s."

There are a few pictures of the Marvel Super Heroes prototype from the New York Toy Fair earlier this year which show that, for $300, this might actually be a pretty fun purchase - the Pirates Of The Caribbean ad also linked seems to indicate that, although it's not got the sophistication of the real, multi-thousand dollar thing, Zizzle's concept may still be a pleasant compromise.

eBay Randomness Digs Up 1st Game Mag, Silliest Guitar

April 18, 2006 8:00 AM |

genguit.jpg Everyone loves eBay, and on our latest trawl through the biggest marketplace of randomness in the world, we found a couple of neat game-related items. First up is a copy of Radio-Electronics magazine from 1970 which must be one of the first magazines ever to include the words 'game' and 'computer' on the cover at the same time (in this case: 'Try to beat R-E's "Penniac" $150 game computer'.)

There's not much info about the Penniac online, but we note that Radio-Electronics magazine itself was founded by Amazing Stories founder Hugo Gernsback back in 1929 - not the only game-related magazine publisher to come out of the pulp magazine era.

Secondly, and sparklingly, we found a guitar made from a Sega Genesis. I think we need to repeat this. It's a guitar. Made from. A Sega Genesis. Unfortunately, the seller reveals: "No, the game system is not functional, but it is a real Sega Genesis." Right now there's a grand total of zero bids at the $99.99 starting price - though perhaps the insano collectors are waiting til the last minute to pounce. Or maybe they're not, because it's a guitar made from a Sega Genesis. Either way.

A Defective Yeti's Board Game Recommendations

April 11, 2006 12:19 AM |

frodo.jpg When I used to edit Slashdot Games back 'in the day', we used to try to cover a smattering of the latest board game stories alongside the typical video game jazzola, with the excellent OgreCave.com being one frequent source.

This time, however, it's not ogres, but yetis providing board game goodness, with Defective Yeti's new guide to the best two-player board games of today and tomooooorow. The number one pick is Lost Cities ("...a very clever (and remarkably fun) rummy variant, which makes immediately accessible to non-gamers. The rules can be explained in three minutes, an entire game takes about thirty. Plus, chicks dig it.") And it has an online version, which makes it technically GSW-able!

Also heavily recommended is Lord Of The Rings: The Confrontation, also reviewed by the Yeti in fine fettle ("The atmosphere of the epic is recreated by the game: Light seems doomed from the get-go, and most victories by the good guys are Pyrrhic in nature. In the last game I played, for example, I threw Sam to the wolves -- the Wargs, actually -- so that Frodo could move one more step towards Mordor.") How delightfully evil!