[Music De Jeux (literally 'music of games' in mangled French!) is a new column from Henry Cao which looks at the history, present, and future of video game music from a multitude of angles - some of them interesting! Here's his first scribblings.]

Game music has come a long way since the beeps and bloops we first heard on our original Nintendo’s. But outside of the countless Mario, Zelda, and Final Fantasy soundtracks, there doesn’t seem to be any other arranged albums worth listening to. Of course, this isn’t really the case.

As with regular music, you’ll have to wade through a sea of unmemorable albums to find one actually worth listening to - these are the overlooked Japanese soundtracks that take the original game's musical concept and run with it. And what better way to kick off the birth of a new column than to highlight just a few of these? (There probably are better ways, but meh.)

[Click through for full reviews of the neglected, including Langrisser II, King Of Fighters 99, and Arc The Lad arrangement albums .]