Going Loud Studios' latest Xbox Live Indie Games release is bound to resonate with anyone who feels slighted at the proliferation of paid expanded content in recent console releases. DLC Quest is built around the concept of paying for basic gameplay mechanics in order to progress through a simple platformer.

After starting the game, players cannot jump, attack, or walk to the left. Even after free movement is purchased, however, DLC Quest hardly resembles a full game -- in a nod to Upgrade Complete, players must separately purchase background music, a pause screen, and even character animation. Later upgrades include time-saving shortcuts and the ever-lampooned horse armor, which is the most expensive item in the game.

Fortunately, DLC Quest's upgrades can only be purchased with in-game currency, making it a fun parody instead of a greedy ploy in and of itself. Given recent trends, if this were an iOS release, the upgrades would totally cost real-world money.