Following up on its initial release for Xbox Live Arcade in 2009, Codeglue's Rocket Riot is now available for iOS platforms courtesy of prolific App Store publisher Chillingo.

Rocket Riot is a side-view shooter with artillery mechanics that recall Scorched Earth, Worms, and other classics. While the game's jetpack-equipped characters have the ability to move around freely, shots must first be aimed and charged before firing -- a difficult but satisfying ability to master as players confront swarms of AI-controlled opponents. Each stage also features destructible environments filled with hidden power-ups to give an edge over the competition.

Interestingly, Codeglue seems to have addressed my biggest issue with the XBLA version of Rocket Riot: at 80 levels, the campaign was way too long, and became too difficult to play after round 60 or so. The iOS version features only 48 levels, which should hopefully allow for a better difficulty balance. It's a shame that the multiplayer mode didn't survive the transition to iOS, but hopefully it can be restored in a future update.