You might recall that Sega of America set out to build a Sonic the Hedgehog-themed playground last month in East Oakland, California as part of a collaboration with local neighborhood hub Youth UpRising and outdoor play non-profit KaBOOM.

More than 200 volunteers -- including a couple from Gamasutra's staff, I hear -- got together on October 28 to build the playground by hand in a single day. It sounds like an incredible feat, but here's time-lapse video proof it all happened!

While it looks like Sega didn't go all out with the Sonic branding (e.g. Gold Rings as monkeybars, corkscrew slides), there is a neat mural painted by its art team and Youth Uprisingsart class students. The publisher also gave out Sonic hats and t-shirts.

You can see photos of the mural and the playground as they were being created on Sega's blog. The playground opened on November 1st to coincide with Sonic Generations' U.S. launch, and will serve more than 400 local kids.