Days of Wonder's popular board game Ticket to Ride is coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch for the first time in a new version that adds new options for local, multi-device multiplayer.

In Ticket to Ride, players use railway cards to build train routes across a zigzagging maps of famous locations, with the goal of connecting specific destinations and making the longest unbroken path possible. The board game won a number of international game design awards after its 2004 release.

Ticket To Ride Pocket follows on PC, Mac and Xbox Live Arcade versions of the game released in 2008, and an iPad edition released earlier this year. Those digital versions have played host to over 25 million individual matches so far, the company said.

The new version augments the familiar pass-and-play multiplayer of other digital versions by adding options for play between multiple iPads and iPhones in the same room over bluetooth or a local Wi-Fi connection.

The developers said they decided against adding internet play "to maintain a high quality of game experience," and to avoid the potential problem of iPhone players "receiv[ing] a phone call and interrupt[ing] the game flow."

The original board game version of Ticket To Ride has sold over two million copies, according to Days of Wonder.