I know people are tired of seeing a black-and-white silhouette games, but what about in movies? That's not tired yet? I mean, sure, Lotte Reiniger, E.T., and other directors/films have done it before, but you don't hear people groaning when it pops up in that medium.

Samsquanch Films wants to produce a short film with the same style, and it admits that the look is actually inspired by one of those dark outline games -- Playdead's 2010 Independent Games Festival award winning PSN/XBLA/Windows (Visual Art, Technical Excellence) 2D platformer Limbo.

The Tide will be "a live action short film about a girl who is washed ashore on a strange island where she discovers the secret of its dangerous inhabitants." Samsquanch posted some preview clips in the video above, and intends to release the entire short film for free on Youtube when it's complete.

But first Samsquanch is looking to raise $3,000 via donation-ware platform Kickstarter to pay for equipment (camera/lighting rentals and a green screen), special effects, and the cast and crew. It's offering incentives like a one-of-kind oil painting, t-shirts, and film credits to those who pledge.

You can donate, read updates on the project, and learn more about The Tide on Kickstarter.

[Via Joystiq]