When we last heard from MagicalTimeBean, it had released well-received 8-bit adventure/tower defense title Soulcaster II for Xbox Live Indie Games. The developer's returned nearly a year later with another project for the download platform, but this time it's a completely original game.

Released today for 240 MS Points, Escape Goat is a puzzle-paltormer starring a purple billy imprisoned for the crime of witchcraft. It's up to you to guide him through the dungeon, jumping over pits, avoiding traps, and enlisting the help of a mouse that will aid you in escaping the prison.

MagicalTimeBean notes that Escape Goat is built "with a unique physics engine that allows pixel-perfect world manipulation and destruction". The game will feature over 50 rooms of challenges, as well as a built-in level editor that will allow you to create your own dangerous areas.