One of the greatest moments I've ever experienced in a video game was when A-ha's "Take on Me" came up on the radio in Saints Row 2 as my character mowed down crowds of college students at Stilwater University. The song can add humor to pretty much any situation, but the scene became truly magical when my character started singing along.

It turns out that developer Volition actually recorded multiple singalong takes for that particular song -- one for each of the game's six selectable character voices. Depending on which actor voices your character, you might also hear them singing along to Europe's "The Final Countdown" or adding profane lyrics to Night Ranger's "Sister Christian." Why? Well, why not?

As the Giant Bomb-produced video above demonstrates, Volition has taken this throwaway gag and expanded it greatly for Saints Row: The Third. Apparently, everyone in Stilwater is a Sublime fan. Even the zombies.

[via Joystiq]