Gaming commentary duo Retsupurae has completed its biggest undertaking to date: a massive eight-hour riff on Cyberdreams' H.R. Giger-flavored point-and-click adventure game Dark Seed II.

Moreso than The Town With No Name, Rise of the Dragon, or any other game previously covered by Retsupurae, Dark Seed II practically begs for the Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment. While it's supposed to be an experience steeped in psychological horror, the player's character, Mike Dawson, is the wimpiest, whiniest, most unfit protagonist to ever be featured in a video game, making the bulk of the narrative unintentionally hilarious.

Having watched the whole thing, I can confirm that it's entertaining throughout (save for the player's insistence on making Mike Dawson occasionally stare at toilets for no reason), and the finale pays off in a big way. Personal favorite line of dialog: "Oh no! Not the hall of death again. The only way out of here is death!"

Retsupurae previously produced a much shorter commentary track for the original Dark Seed, which depicts Mike Dawson as an unfortunate home buyer, rather than a wholly incompetent wreck of a human being.