Charles C. Gull isn't an angry bird; he's just a jerk. Other points worth noting: he wears a hat, and he loves to cause trouble by "knocking defenseless birds out of the sky, and spilling garbage cans on the street." See what I mean? Total jerk town.

Anyway, he has a new iOS game with charming, minimalist 8-bit style graphics by pixelartist Caleb Hystad (Herbert's Day Out, those cute Doom sprites), and a lovely painted background by Laura Bifano (Menagerie series of blockish animal paintings).

The rules in Charles C. Gull are simple: as you scroll through the 2D stage, touch to fly, hold to glide, and release to boost. Smacking small birds are one point, while hitting garbage cans are two. The level scrolls faster after every 10 points.

Ravens and bears can hurt you, but you can regain a life by stealing a feather from a passing seagull. It's a pretty addictive game -- I just wish there was more to it than the single stage. You can grab Charles C. Gull from the App Store for free right now.