Cornfox & Brothers, one of several developers that worked on Death Rally, has revealed a new iOS project that's sure to get a lot of attention as its release approaches next year: Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas, an adventure title inspired by Nintendo's Legend of Zelda games, particularly Wind Waker:

"The game puts you in the boots of a nameless hero who, in order to save his sister, must slay this monster for good. In this game, the world is open for exploration by foot or by boat, but beware - the sea monster [Oceanhorn] can attack at any time, and ill-prepared travelers will meet their early demise.

Equip your boat with new sails, hulls or even with forgotten technology like Smog Engine to outwit Oceanhorn in battle. Roam the lands and explore ancient ruins to find the legendary Coral Harpoon. Learn the history of the Uncharted Seas. What happened to the civilization whose cities now lay in ruins?"

While the impressive first image above is curiously named "bullshot.png", the studio says everything you see there is made up of in-game assets. The in-game engine still needs some of the effects shown there, and Cornfox says the final game will look different, but predicts that the end result might actually look better!

So far, the only other information we know is that the game is "definitely not freemium" and is built with a 3D-tile world editor that was developed together with the studio's officemates at Mountain Sheep. Cornfox & Brothers also promises that its efficient level tools will allow it to pack the game with content.

[Via infiniteloop]