Previously slated to release late this year, Star Command (the Star Trek meets Game Dev Story iOS/Android project, not the 1988 PC game obviously) is still far from complete and will now release in 2012, "very very very likely in the first half."

Why's it taking so long for Warballoon to finish a mobile title they started many months ago and raised nearly $37,000 for back in early October? The team explains, "It's a big game, this is a small team, and we're perfectionists."

The studio adds that it's so far built the game's ship-to-ship combat, character stats, resource spending, navigation, and damage models. And to prove that it's working hard on the title, the developer posted these two new screenshots of the combat mode.

Warballoon expects to put out a trailer and a closed beta for Star Command soon. It's also hinted that there's a "good possibility" for a PC version in late 2012.