Zen Studios is bringing more of its downloadable pinball games to portable platforms this week, starting with Zen Pinball for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, which will feature a mix of the studio's original designs as well as Marvel-licensed ones.

The developer will offer three tables at launch, one of those being "Sorcerer's Lair", which will be available completely for free -- you'll have to purchase the other tables. The game will have achievements, leaderboards, and hot seat multiplayer.

It sounds similar, if not nearly identical, to Zen Pinball THD (trailer above), which was also a port of PSN's Zen Pinball and released to Tegra 2-powered Android devices earlier this year with Sorceror's Lair and other tables.

And in Europe at least (no word yet on whether the same is true for the U.S.), Zen Pinball 3D is releasing to the Nintendo 3DS's eShop this week with four diferent tables: "Shaman", "El Dorado", "Earth Defense", and "Excalibur".

[Via crackervizzo]